「Everything is Insha Allah - 全ては神の御心のままに」   

While ago, I had asked to my Muslim brother is very respectable when he seems worry. "Could we have something is not Insha Allah?"


And he was laughing to say "No".


This is one big point of that I think It was good to become a Muslim.


Apart whether they are so or not, but anyway Muslim would listen the topic that there are only good things for us, because it is the same meaning of Insha Allah.


The any things must not have only one meaning. It has many meaning by our view.


So I was trying to find the positive meaning for any as my lifework. Because I realized that we can't overcome until we find the positive meaning of it.


The most good example is war. While there is the war in our world, then anything would be transiency even such as building big house or graduating an excellent university.


The war destroy everything, so if we want to get some important thing, then we have to think the finishing war first actually.


So how do we finish the war? For this, we have to find the positive meaning of it, because we can't overcome until finding it.


Then what is the positive meaning of the war? I only could find that it is urging us to reflect seriously.


Anyone will think seriously if it's happen on their family. And we do it with everyone.


We everyone become serious as it happened on our family, then the war will stop.


If our children seriously injured, we will just snuggle with them with throwing such our job.


If our children are missing, we will look for them even how much money we spend.


Then why we are difficult to do it for others, because we think our life will be still continued unlike them.


But as I told, it is the transiency. We have to think it will happen on us if it happened on others.


For this, Islam has one good teaching. It is Qiyamah which is called Judgement day.


Qiyamah has two kinds which is the death of oneself and the end of the world, but may either in here.


The important is that we have to be ready for Qiyamah would come on anytime.


Then we would not have the attachment for Dunya(present world) of more than necessary.


We wouldn't doubt for the happening around of us.


Because we may leave from Dunya soon, so I think almost of people will just start to love for anything their around instead of doubt, if they start to be ready for Qiyamah.


Then when we live as just love for around, we will realize that everything is around of us are gift from Allah.


We will truly realize that everything is Insha Allah.


And we will know that such us to believe everything is Insha Allah is the state of real Islam .


Assalamu alaikum

by tenpapa2013 | 2016-01-28 02:50 | イスラム教

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