「A time of blessing [Chapter 3] - 祝福の時 第3章」   

Then I learned about the fact that the presence called Dajjal are beginning to become clear.


Their identity is probably a group called the Cabal. (Please search for "Cabal NWO")


Cabal is an aggregate of those who exert a negative influence on the whole world.


Government and military dignitaries, royal family, super-millionaire, such as the top of big companies and religious organizations, and it been chosen name to its members that persons everyone knows around the world.


They has continued a lot of scheming for that all of humanity will have the will to be their slaves by our own.


As a prime example is the brainwashing by mass media and through education.


Have you ever wondered that children such as the mass of possibility will be no longer thinking only about their salary when they become an adult?


How about despite we saw the tragic news in the morning wide show, then that we whole family are laughing to see a variety show in the evening?


If you nothing to think wonder about it, then are you convinced yourself as the reason "because everyone is so"?


Cabal have a lot of members who are skilled professionals of the treatment of masses psychological such as psychology and marketing.


Such they are familiar with the fact that the control by the mass media becomes more easy if they rob our ability of judge, in other word if they instill in us the consciousness of easily satisfied as that "because everyone is so".


All is order in us to have the will to be their slaves.


For example, we know the fact that only some of millionaire to own most of the wealth of the world.


But the most of people wouldn't have the will to try to improve that fact.


This is the proof that our enslavement is progressing.


A lot of people are really believed such they can not be against, and it is OK if only they and their family are fine.


To outgrow this situation, it is essential the presence of the children who still have not been brainwashed by Dajjal, but of course Dajjal has forestalled the next.


Exam education is the prime example for it.


Though the answer may not one in some case, or it might be found new fact, but children just believe firmly the contents of the current textbooks are correct in order to pass the exam.


Then they who were the mass of possibility will behalf to the person who has the purpose is only to obtain a good education and a good income.


Children are our future, but they grow in human as wished by Dajjal rather than Allah.


Moreover, a lot of adults do not have noticed this fact at all.


On the contrary, there are even tendency to be pleased with that children became quiet as losing their children likeness by study forced.


If we do such upbringing, they will begin to do childish when they are becoming adult.


Because they are not done child firmly in their childhood, therefore they do childish incident when they became adult.


I think that adults who live in the now of the world should be keenly aware that we are doing slave of Dajjal.


Otherwise, we can't do such as righteous education to children.


If it is said so, but I think that many of people wouldn't recognize to be a slave of Dajjal. So I ask those people.


Do you think to be happy if there is money?


Dajjal who exercise influence to the most of the banks including the central banks and many of big companies of the world, they are certainly controlling currency and the supply of the products.


Such they can be free to raise and lower the value of our money.


So, at the time that we decide the purpose in our life as money, then we are already under the controlling of Dajjal.


At the time we do not notice it, the brainwashing of Dajjal is already successful.


Someone has told me. Slaves will start a boast of their chain if they are connected as long.


And we who boast education, income and property are definitely the same as it.


Actually, the consciousness which could be happy without money should be praised.


And the best teacher for that is our children.


(Continued to Chapter 4 - 第4章へ続きます)

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