「A time of blessing [Chapter 5] - 祝福の時 第5章」   

When I was aware for the end of the world is approaching, also along with it the identity of the Dajjal are starting to become clear, I was realized that is my mission to inform this information to as many people as possible.


Especially, I thought there is a need to inform quickly that the ship of Dajjal which a lot of people ride unsuspectingly is a no longer sinking close.


As a result of I chose, it was the choice of going to Malaysia.


I thought Muslim who believe Judgement day would listen to my story.


From arriving in Malaysia, I started to tell to all of the people who I met about the story of the time would come soon and that it is better to start preparing for that.


But someone who seriously listen to my story was none.


I was telling as the doctrine of their religion, but still did not have the people interested.


There was to have been worried once as the mental sickness, I think I had been seen as like a crazy person for most of people.


But Kimi-san who lives in Langkawi listened to the story of me.


Kimi-san is who have translated my letter of "Dear Malaysia" into Malay.

キミさんは、僕の「Dear Malaysia」の手紙をマレー語に翻訳して下さった方です。

And one Muslim teacher related with Kimi-san also could understand about what I say.


I said to him that the end of the world is better to come soon for no one would be crying.


And he hugged me and while crying to say, "I also want to meet Allah."


It was the moment that has been rewarded of struggling until it.


Then I became Muslims at the town of Kota Warisan which is near the KLIA.


The reason is because I had received a lot of care from Muslims in that journey over eight months.


And at the same time, it seemed also to be useful if I am incoming to Islam to tell the world that the time of the end would come soon.


I was also pleasure to imagine that how much miracle will happen if Muslims are said to have 1.5 billion people pray for peace of the world in earnest.


I met many Muslims after returning to Japan, but people who are aware of the time of the end are still not a lot.


Even who is pious as keeping the duty of Salat or Zakat, but it's still difficult to be interested about the story of starting the time of the end.


In Quran, the most of the initial revelation is telling about the time of the end.


And yet, almost Muslim wouldn't have interested of my story which is starting that time, so I was feeling really strange about it.


Also I was feeling strange for that nobody agree for my concern which that time should come soon for put an end to the evil of the world.


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