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「A time of blessing [Chapter 5] - 祝福の時 第5章」   

When I was aware for the end of the world is approaching, also along with it the identity of the Dajjal are starting to become clear, I was realized that is my mission to inform this information to as many people as possible.


Especially, I thought there is a need to inform quickly that the ship of Dajjal which a lot of people ride unsuspectingly is a no longer sinking close.


As a result of I chose, it was the choice of going to Malaysia.


I thought Muslim who believe Judgement day would listen to my story.


From arriving in Malaysia, I started to tell to all of the people who I met about the story of the time would come soon and that it is better to start preparing for that.


But someone who seriously listen to my story was none.


I was telling as the doctrine of their religion, but still did not have the people interested.


There was to have been worried once as the mental sickness, I think I had been seen as like a crazy person for most of people.


But Kimi-san who lives in Langkawi listened to the story of me.


Kimi-san is who have translated my letter of "Dear Malaysia" into Malay.

キミさんは、僕の「Dear Malaysia」の手紙をマレー語に翻訳して下さった方です。

And one Muslim teacher related with Kimi-san also could understand about what I say.


I said to him that the end of the world is better to come soon for no one would be crying.


And he hugged me and while crying to say, "I also want to meet Allah."


It was the moment that has been rewarded of struggling until it.


Then I became Muslims at the town of Kota Warisan which is near the KLIA.


The reason is because I had received a lot of care from Muslims in that journey over eight months.


And at the same time, it seemed also to be useful if I am incoming to Islam to tell the world that the time of the end would come soon.


I was also pleasure to imagine that how much miracle will happen if Muslims are said to have 1.5 billion people pray for peace of the world in earnest.


I met many Muslims after returning to Japan, but people who are aware of the time of the end are still not a lot.


Even who is pious as keeping the duty of Salat or Zakat, but it's still difficult to be interested about the story of starting the time of the end.


In Quran, the most of the initial revelation is telling about the time of the end.


And yet, almost Muslim wouldn't have interested of my story which is starting that time, so I was feeling really strange about it.


Also I was feeling strange for that nobody agree for my concern which that time should come soon for put an end to the evil of the world.


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「A time of blessing [Chapter 4] - 祝福の時 第4章」   

After I understood the identity of Dajjal and the fact that a lot of people are still connected to the chain by brainwashing, I began to think what we can do in order to solve this problem of brainwashing.


And I met my wife in this process.


We were connected by cannabis which is the one of the major key to solving the brainwashing of Dajjal.


Cannabis have been considered as one of the drag is harmful for human, but it is really outrageous story.


Rather cannabis has hidden the power to solve the majority of problems faced by mankind.


First, cannabis has strong life force, so it does not choose the land for cultivation.


Besides, the rate of growth is amazing faster so it will quickly become more than human stature.


From such a cannabis stalk, we can collect hemp as a fiber or the pulp is raw material of paper.


Drafting the statement of the United States Declaration of Independence is written on hemp paper, and hemp paper has enough durable that is almost no deterioration even after 200 years, and also it is extremely high quality.


Also from the cannabis seeds, we can collect the useful quality of oil to both for food and industry.


The first automobile in the world made by Henry Ford, the body has been created by plastic made from the oil of cannabis, also it seems to have run by the gasoline made from also oil of cannabis.


Also cannabis is very effective for many diseases.


Reports that the incurable diseases including cancer was cured by the ingestion of cannabis, we can see it on the web one after another.


I have the experience of smoking cannabis, and my wife did not have it.


But she had impressed to the usefulness of this plant, so she has gathered the information of it on the Internet.


Now in Japan, people like a her who try to regain the dignity of this plant has very increased even they don't have experience of smoking it.


And a lot of people have begun to notice a relationship that is a representative shrine of Japan "Ise Jingu" with cannabis.


In ancient Japan, cannabis has been recognised as holy plant which is having the inspiration of God.


And that holy plant has changed as a presence of harmful to human, it was in the 1930s at the United States.


In the meantime of the United States, the cultivation of cannabis has been encouraged by the country such as the way of paying taxes by cannabis.


And why cannabis has become suddenly illegal, it is because in order to protect petroleum, chemical fiber, and medicine industry, and now the fact of it is beginning to become apparent.


In short, cannabis was harmful to the industry, it wasn't for human body.


So recently, that cannabis have been carried out recovery of their dignity rapidly.


It is that exactly pleased that cannabis start to be lifting of the ban in anywhere in the world.


When we traveled to Malaysia the other day, I was surprised to know there are a large number of stimulant drug addicts, and I do not know the effective means for their recovery other than the smoking cannabis.


Cannabis wouldn't give the dependent symptoms like a stimulants would, also eliminates the need to do unnecessary crimes for purchase funds if cultivated on their own.


In this way, cannabis to release from suffering humanity in both the substance side and the spirit side, it was just be such as the natural enemy for the Dajjal.


And that cannabis has rapidly begun to regain the dignity, it means that the dominance of Dajjal have just started to fall.


As us to be able to get a lot of such information by serching about Cabal, Cabal(Dajjal) are really accelerated toward their own perishing.


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「A time of blessing [Chapter 3] - 祝福の時 第3章」   

Then I learned about the fact that the presence called Dajjal are beginning to become clear.


Their identity is probably a group called the Cabal. (Please search for "Cabal NWO")


Cabal is an aggregate of those who exert a negative influence on the whole world.


Government and military dignitaries, royal family, super-millionaire, such as the top of big companies and religious organizations, and it been chosen name to its members that persons everyone knows around the world.


They has continued a lot of scheming for that all of humanity will have the will to be their slaves by our own.


As a prime example is the brainwashing by mass media and through education.


Have you ever wondered that children such as the mass of possibility will be no longer thinking only about their salary when they become an adult?


How about despite we saw the tragic news in the morning wide show, then that we whole family are laughing to see a variety show in the evening?


If you nothing to think wonder about it, then are you convinced yourself as the reason "because everyone is so"?


Cabal have a lot of members who are skilled professionals of the treatment of masses psychological such as psychology and marketing.


Such they are familiar with the fact that the control by the mass media becomes more easy if they rob our ability of judge, in other word if they instill in us the consciousness of easily satisfied as that "because everyone is so".


All is order in us to have the will to be their slaves.


For example, we know the fact that only some of millionaire to own most of the wealth of the world.


But the most of people wouldn't have the will to try to improve that fact.


This is the proof that our enslavement is progressing.


A lot of people are really believed such they can not be against, and it is OK if only they and their family are fine.


To outgrow this situation, it is essential the presence of the children who still have not been brainwashed by Dajjal, but of course Dajjal has forestalled the next.


Exam education is the prime example for it.


Though the answer may not one in some case, or it might be found new fact, but children just believe firmly the contents of the current textbooks are correct in order to pass the exam.


Then they who were the mass of possibility will behalf to the person who has the purpose is only to obtain a good education and a good income.


Children are our future, but they grow in human as wished by Dajjal rather than Allah.


Moreover, a lot of adults do not have noticed this fact at all.


On the contrary, there are even tendency to be pleased with that children became quiet as losing their children likeness by study forced.


If we do such upbringing, they will begin to do childish when they are becoming adult.


Because they are not done child firmly in their childhood, therefore they do childish incident when they became adult.


I think that adults who live in the now of the world should be keenly aware that we are doing slave of Dajjal.


Otherwise, we can't do such as righteous education to children.


If it is said so, but I think that many of people wouldn't recognize to be a slave of Dajjal. So I ask those people.


Do you think to be happy if there is money?


Dajjal who exercise influence to the most of the banks including the central banks and many of big companies of the world, they are certainly controlling currency and the supply of the products.


Such they can be free to raise and lower the value of our money.


So, at the time that we decide the purpose in our life as money, then we are already under the controlling of Dajjal.


At the time we do not notice it, the brainwashing of Dajjal is already successful.


Someone has told me. Slaves will start a boast of their chain if they are connected as long.


And we who boast education, income and property are definitely the same as it.


Actually, the consciousness which could be happy without money should be praised.


And the best teacher for that is our children.


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「A time of blessing [Chapter 2] - 祝福の時 第2章」   

Initially, I had received a state of the end with the vision of the catastrophe.


But over the years, the vision has changed gradually.


And in November 2011, I had one experience.


The state of the devil is escaping in a hurry, it was suddenly reflected clearly in front of my eyes when I was relaxing at home.


"What's that?"


Then I began to examine engrossed the meaning of this vision.


And, I had to know the fact that the presence is called such as Satan has started to disappear from this world.


Satan is the presence to disturb us to return to our Creator.


And there is one group that try us to obedience to themselves rather than Creator while using Satan well.


And this group is called Dajjal(False Messiah).


Dajjal is behaving as themselves are the presence of goodness, also to brainwash us for that way.


And in the end, it is planned that mankind to choose the obedience to them by our free will.


When the end of the world, people greet the time with believe them as God rather than Allah and it is their greatest hope, also it is their significance of existence given from Allah to them.


So why has Allah given such a role to them?


It is because us to really understand the greatness of a thing that we have free will.


Allah has given to mankind the power that our will is realized.


At the same time, Allah has given to us the freedom of the will which can deny even Allah also.


As a result, we can learn what is along the will of Allah and what is not so.


The will of Allah in other word the truth that all is one, if we ignore it then the perishing must be coming to us one day.


And by this experience of the perishing, mankind will learn how much our free will is powerful, also how to use it well.


For that, Satan or Dajjaru have been allowed to exist.


Quran and Bible is telling us that people will bisect at the time of the end of the world.


One is who toward to Allah which is a truth that all is one, and another one is who is going to an illusion that everyone fall apart.


It could say also that who follow real Messiah and who follow false Messiah.


Probably the former knows the fear of perishing, the latter will know it from now.


The vision of Satan is going to disappear which I saw, I think it was telling that this world is recognised by me had already away from a timeline which still have possibility of perishing.


It also means that this world has finally turned to toward the eternal bliss of Allah is waiting.


I've found very clearly what is to happen at this time.


End by a catastrophe is the happening that people toward perishing would experience, and End like a no trouble at all also exist at the same time.


So it will have changed the reality to experience by whether our own consciousness to access to any vision.


Exactly, the realization by our free will is going to be achieved in the prophecy as expected in this aspect which is asked the perishing and evolution of the entire human race.


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「A time of blessing [Chapter 1] - 祝福の時 第1章」   

Did you notice that my profile photo has changed?


That is the state of the Japanese traditional event called "Setsubun".


In Japan, we do the event to ward off demons on February 3 in every year.


Saying "Oni wa soto (Demons outside), Fuku wa uchi (Good fortune inner)" and throw the beans roasted.


At home has small children, father usually dressed as a demon and kids throw the beans to him. That photo is a state at that time.


And finally, everyone will eat the fallen beans the amount of their year.


In Japan, we had been praying for health and peace of the family of the year by doing this event.


In fact, I don't conduct work other than to upload the articles and to respond to the message in this Facebook.


The all other works are done by my wife.


The other day, I was noticed that my profile photo is changed without my knowing.


So, I had asked to my wife why the photo has been changed, then I got an answer such as the following.


"Everyone doesn't understand what Nobu-san want to do actually. Therefore I changed to this photo with meaning of 'soon run away from him'."


So, why does my wife want to convey escape from me to everyone ?


It is because herself wanted to run away from me on many times.


I think that she hopes everyone could understand the feeling of staying together with who is wishing Judgement day would come soon.


Earlier I lived with thinking only myself to be enjoying.


But since it was sometime, I started to hope the peace of the world very keenly.


And one day in 1999, I had received a revelation from the presence that I only could think it's God.


And it was that mankind will encounters with God in 2013.


In other words, what is called Judgement day will occur at this time.


Then of I have been telling this revelation to people who all I met.


And of course. there were almost no people would understand it.


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「Merciful Allah - 慈悲深きアッラー」   

The existence is called Hero, they are not admired if it's only strong.


When they have merciful heart with their strength, they will be admired as Hero.


The natures of the Hero is strength and merciful.


So in that meaning, Allah must be the biggest Hero for us.


But why Allah is not the biggest Hero for especially our children?


Children easily can believe good story, and they spread it so well.


So it's no wonder that if Allah is the biggest Hero of all of children in this world, but why it wouldn't be so?


I think it's because mercifulness which is the greatest essence of Allah is not told to them well.


If Allah is the full of merciful, that is this universe itself is the full of merciful also.


And if this universe which is surrounding us is the full of merciful, then what problems do we need to have?


The problem is our mind which is unaware of the mercy of the universe or Allah.


When we are blaming the problem for someone, we are forgetting that Allah or the universe is surrounding us is the full of mercy.


For who faith Allah, the problem will not happen as someone's blame.


Because they know that everything is happening as Allah's plan.


Why our children don't think Allah is the most Hero for them, because we adults do not tell to them mercifulness of Allah to first.


Children, they love kindness such as represented by the mercifulness.


Even to say that he created all or he is omnipotent, but children couldn't love him if he doesn't have kindness.


Therefore the word is "merciful Allah" dive into our eyes when we open Quran first.


It would be told for that everyone even including children could love Allah.


Why it was told that Allah should be awe, because it probably avoided people to be halfhearted for their faith by emphasizing of Allah's mercy.


Actually it would happen everyone to do anything with thinking of forgiven for all, if just mercifulness of Allah has been told.


But adult aside, the children are creature that do not betray never the people who yearn of their own.


Even if they do thoughtless, they will return to be correct of them after, because they naturally know fear of to be alone.


For forgiveness from Allah by his mercy, we need to return to Allah.


And that is the return to Allah who knows everything of us, it face to our conduct up to it.


Even how much Allah is merciful, or because Allah is so merciful therefore we will need to recognize truth of oneself honestly.


If we did not return to Allah to ignore the warning, in other word if we had remained out of order of our universe, it's told by Quran, Bible and Various lore that we will perish surely.


So what we should be awe truly is the fear of deviating from the order of our universe, the power of free will given to man which could choose to be the world without Allah even.


In Allah, all beings such as microorganisms or plants or animals exist with the harmony.


And only human beings with a free will can deviate from its harmony.


Recently I have heard the story from my brothers and sisters that is a lot of Muslim seem like a not Muslim.


I think it's told because such as they seem as deviating from harmony of Allah.


I have been a question from them how we can wake up their eyes.


And for it, we live as present of merciful first, then we show that state to people around.


Surely from now on, it will happen the things which us to understand how the world with no Allah is terrible.


And actually it already happened such as airplane disappear suddenly or appear unknown pathogen one after another.


But if we strongly have faith in Allah, in a word if we know everything is created by merciful Allah, then we can believe it is reaching mercy of Allah to these sufferers.


And people who can't believe mercy of Allah, they will be overwhelmed by a sense of their own helplessness on every time something happens.


Then they look at us who are living as calm and merciful even in the confusion, and certainly they will ask us why we could be so.


Then many of people begin to believe in mearcy of Allah again.


Some people who still doesn't want to believe in mercy of Allah even this, they continue to fight with illusion that the world without Allah in a word is merciless of themselves.


The state has continued to this fight is called Hell.


And this Hell continues until the time to seek a sincere salvation from them by tired of fighting.


It is the result of that we had forgot that we are creation by merciful Allah is also a part of this merciful universe. And this occurs surely to all people.


So we definitely don't need to worry about who is behaving as ignoring Allah. Because everything is planned of Allah.


It than, as to be the hope of light for them who will realize it one day, we may start to embody ourselves to be merciful which is the greatest of the essence of Allah from now, I think it is the most helpful for their relief.


Assalamu alaikum


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「Believing of Allah loves us unconditionally - アッラーは僕たちを無条件に愛していると信じる」   

The other day it was happenned in Pakistan, the boy is convinced that he was blasphemy Allah cut off his arm, and his parents and neighbours has blessed his act.


When I heard this story, I couldn't understand why adults around of him did bless to him.


But after that I understood that if they see a boy already cut his arm, then there was no choice but to bless, probably.


If they blame something on that situation, then they would give despair of irreparable.


So for rewarding their painful efforts, we can learn one thing from this happening.


And it is whether we are able to blaspheme Allah really.


Allah is the existence of omnipotent and the most merciful, and infinite.


So even if we blaspheme such a Allah, then what the trouble Allah will have.


We blaspheme Allah, it is probably the same as we spit to the sea and sea will not be contaminated with such a thing.


It is not for Allah, it is oneself's trouble as embarrassing of that we haven't understood thought of who most loves us.


Contrary, I think it is the big blasphemy that we think it's possible merciful and omnipotent Allah would be bothered or hate us.


Would be Allah's love conditional?


I think it is definitely not. If it is, then Allah never gave us the opportunity is forgiving, but Allah is always forgiving us.


Allah loves us unconditionally, just we haven't evolved to be that, therefore I think that Allah told us some rules for us to be better.


It is the same thing as our good father is.


A father who has inner strength and deep affection never hate children however children does naughty.


Because he knows children never win to their father's seriousness.


He sometimes shows his anger to his kids, but it's because by considering of their future.


If kids show their understanding, then father surely would show his smile.


Because a good father's hope is only his kids to have good life.


This time, Pakistan boy and adults around of him gave us an issue of thinking about blasphemy Allah.


And I hope that Allah give a lot of bless for them who had very painful experience.


And I hope many of you to learn from this happening for Allah who has to create this tragedy would return smile to us.


Assalamu alaikum


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「Encouragement for us to be harmony - 調和することの勧め」   

The existence of nature is a direct creation of Allah has many of purpose for their exsiting.


For example, coconut trees are utilized for various purposes such as energy, agriculture, construction and health care etc..


And these are only for human life. If we research what effect coconut trees have in the nature, then we will find so many of it is enough to seem infinite.


So why it would such a thing, it is because the existence of nature such a coconut tree is existing as having harmony with all of other creation.


It exist as harmony with all, therefore it would have the reciprocal effect as it seems infinite.


So what about are those human has created?


For example, Japan has the medicine is called "Shouyaku" and it is similar with Chinese Kanpo medicine.


"Shouyaku" is made by herbal plant, so it wouldn't have immediate effect, but it will ameliorate our body to be the state is having harmony.


And it's the thing to do by plants, so it may affect our all include such as heart and mental, etc..


In contrast, the chemical medicine is made by human has only one purpose usually.


And as the reaction would born if we do the action, almost chemical medicines have the problem is side effect.


Because they wouldn't be made by harmony with all, and anyway human can't do these creation.


And it is not just medicine.


Car, TV and Smartphone, those things are having benefit and harm.


And all of Muslim knows, it is the same that is said about Alcohol by Quran.


The difference is whether it is specified in Quran.


Why Alcohol is Haram(forbidden), because of the drunkenness make us to forget Allah.


In that sense, Car, TV and Smartphone are also the same.


When we are frustrated by being stuck in the traffic, when we are exciting to watch football and when we are putting our heart into game app, we are definitely forgetting Allah, aren't we?


Especially, it is said to be getting low recently, but still death toll of traffic accidents in year is over 4,000 in Japan.


And if considered the feelings of the bereaved family, it is no wonder there is divine punishment or some instruction from Allah.


Regarding of the recognising of those that is not specified on Quran or Hadith, I think we have two choices for it.


The one is that us to recognize it is not Haram as the reason is them to be not specified on Quran or Hadith, and another one is that we recognise it is possible to be Haram if we are living in the era of the Prophet.


The difference of these two is whether adding our mind on Quran and Hadith.


And for better understanding of this, we have a good story.


This is the story of soldiers who has been ordered from Prophet to not do Salat of Asr outside of the territory.


The time of Salat of Asr is likely to end before they arrive at destination.


And some of soldiers decided that they do Salat. Because they interpret the meaning of Prophet said is them to arrive as soon as possible but it is not the meaning of stopping Salat.


And the rest of the soldiers has decided that they don't do Salat by interpret the meaning of instruction literally.


At a later date, the Prophet was recognized as both the interpretation is correct.


Because the both was based on the correct basis.


And this is the point of that I think Islam is the great religion.


This religion accept the both of who want to follow literally and who want to consider.


If we don't have the confidence, we just follow what Quran and Hadith is telling.


If we have the confidence that is based on the correct basis, we consider all we want then do.


It is telling that the both either go to heaven, it's a religion this Islam.


This is a really amazing thing.


For example, Japanese of recently who has neglected God a long time, they surely will be confused about them to not understand what they have to do in nearest future.


And such a time, they just follow to do literally which are Quran and Hadith are telling, then they will get the possibility to be relieved.


I decided to do consideration about above such as Car and etc., because I confide that my concern which is wishing all of the people' happiness could be the based on correct basis.


And this is the my conclusion. The everything is made by human without baby, we have to be careful to be with them because they are not born as harmony.


If we want to be with them, then we must be harmony itself.


There is one suggestion to you from me in this regard.


Dear brothers and sisters, could we stop to blame the other even if we see that they look like not following Quran?


At that time, let's ask them "Is Allah with you?"


If he says yes, then we don't need to be worry about him.


If he is hesitating, also we don't need to be worry about him. Because it is enough him to start to consider.


We are living in the age to require harmony really.


And somebody need to show it is the essence of all creation include us.


Embody of harmony in this age is the role of we Muslim, I believe so.


Assalamu alaikum

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「Negativity is also gift from Allah - 否定的なものもまたアッラーからの贈り物です」   

I has explained by last writing about one idea which is believing everything is Insha Allah. And today, I want to do addition for it.


First, we are normally feeling positive and negative.


Probably, almost of people have both of the side of positive and negative, and it wouldn't be doubted usually.


In regard to, Jannah is the world which is existed only positive.


And almost of us are aiming to go Jannah.


But what will it happen if we who still have negative side try to go to Jannah?


First, we will face on the fact which the thing we believed negative is actually positive.


Who used to are praying for their negative to be positive will shed tears of gladness on that time.


Who didn't give up hope never will be the same.


But who believes stlongly their negative is true, they will be so confused.


And they will face the one big ordeal whether they will continue to believe their truth or go forward with throwing away their truth.


It is very not easy that we throw away our truth.


It is the same as throw away the faith, so nobody can choose such a way easily.


Therefore I'm suggesting us to start from now to believe it is actually positive which we thought it was negative.


It is the road absolutely us to go through if we aim to go to Jannah.


First we start it from us to have commitment for re-believing the thing we thought negative is positive.


Then we try to notice which thing is around of us to feeling negative.


If we can't find it, then it will be either one whether we are already reaching a goal or Allah forsake.


If we find it, it is the gift from Allah because it is the proof of Allah is not forsake us.


Then next, we try to find meaning of positive for it, and it may be good way if we imagine us to be consulted about this matter from someone.


We are able to ask someone for help to find positive meaning, and surely someone has a idea of it. Of course it may be even I do.


Then if even once we succeed to find positive, then we will have confidence.


Then we will be interesting of this work because we can feel to be closer with Allah on each time we find.


Allah is the exist that only positive.


And we had chosen to forget Allah with using the tool that is negative.


Because we can re-recognise greatness of Allah from it.


It is not necessary to feel shame when we feel some negative, it is the exactly gift for us to grow from Allah who knows us than anybody.


It is love from Allah for us to be closer with Allah, and for us to be unity with Allah one day as state everything is Insha Allah.


Assalamu alaikum

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「Everything is Insha Allah - 全ては神の御心のままに」   

While ago, I had asked to my Muslim brother is very respectable when he seems worry. "Could we have something is not Insha Allah?"


And he was laughing to say "No".


This is one big point of that I think It was good to become a Muslim.


Apart whether they are so or not, but anyway Muslim would listen the topic that there are only good things for us, because it is the same meaning of Insha Allah.


The any things must not have only one meaning. It has many meaning by our view.


So I was trying to find the positive meaning for any as my lifework. Because I realized that we can't overcome until we find the positive meaning of it.


The most good example is war. While there is the war in our world, then anything would be transiency even such as building big house or graduating an excellent university.


The war destroy everything, so if we want to get some important thing, then we have to think the finishing war first actually.


So how do we finish the war? For this, we have to find the positive meaning of it, because we can't overcome until finding it.


Then what is the positive meaning of the war? I only could find that it is urging us to reflect seriously.


Anyone will think seriously if it's happen on their family. And we do it with everyone.


We everyone become serious as it happened on our family, then the war will stop.


If our children seriously injured, we will just snuggle with them with throwing such our job.


If our children are missing, we will look for them even how much money we spend.


Then why we are difficult to do it for others, because we think our life will be still continued unlike them.


But as I told, it is the transiency. We have to think it will happen on us if it happened on others.


For this, Islam has one good teaching. It is Qiyamah which is called Judgement day.


Qiyamah has two kinds which is the death of oneself and the end of the world, but may either in here.


The important is that we have to be ready for Qiyamah would come on anytime.


Then we would not have the attachment for Dunya(present world) of more than necessary.


We wouldn't doubt for the happening around of us.


Because we may leave from Dunya soon, so I think almost of people will just start to love for anything their around instead of doubt, if they start to be ready for Qiyamah.


Then when we live as just love for around, we will realize that everything is around of us are gift from Allah.


We will truly realize that everything is Insha Allah.


And we will know that such us to believe everything is Insha Allah is the state of real Islam .


Assalamu alaikum

by tenpapa2013 | 2016-01-28 02:50 | イスラム教